This Portable Washing Machine Changed Our Lives!

Sure, you could say we don’t lead the most exciting lives, but we live in an older apartment in Chicago, so avoiding the old washing machine in the basement is actually something to write home about sometimes!

We drain it into the bathtub. No more having to worry about getting back downstairs to the machine before someone moves your stuff. No more having to have the right amount of quarters!

The Amazing Portable Washer

It holds about 17 lbs but works best if you don’t overload it.

This smaller portable washer is by the same folks. It’s about half the size, with the same setup.

The spinner is really strong and wrings out most of the water, so that nothing drips as it dries. Usually everything dries overnight, if not sooner.

These drying racks fold up flat and hold a lot of stuff. Two of these racks does the job for both of us and they store easily under the bed.

Probably not a bad idea to add a filter for the drain just in case stuff like new towels shed.

Life is good!