The Best Sink Water Filter of 2019

We live in Chicago. These are the hard chunks of what we strongly suspect is lead that we found in the faucet aerator when we removed it to screw on the new filter. :-O


Pitcher filters were getting to be a pain, were developing cracks around the handle, and were slow. On top of that, a new filter was required every 3 months too and the ones that filtered out lead were more expensive.

The Home Master HM Mini Plus Sinktop Faucet Filter removes lead and costs less all the way round, including the filters. Be sure to get the Mini PLUS model if you want lead removal.

Below is the filter as installed. It was really simple and took only a couple of minutes and a pair of pliers. Now the water is filtered faster than through the pitcher filters and no counter space is used up. But best of all: the water tastes so good!

Get your Home Master HM Mini Plus Sinktop Faucet Filter and don’t look back!