The Best (Large) Yoga Mats

These are my absolute favorite yoga mats. They’re extra long, extra wide, and extra thick: 7 feet (84″) long and 3 feet (36″) wide and 1/4″ thick.

Here’s a regular yoga mat on top of one of these extra large and long yoga mats.

The extra thickness makes a difference too. I’m not sure why, but these mats feel better than even thicker mats I’ve tried. They’re really well made. Even better, they’re really reasonably priced!

Extra-thick yoga mat

The yoga mats also come in different colors: blue, purple, black, and a teal. I have three of them: 2 black and one blue. I have the 2 black mats in front of the TV, so my husband and I can do our stretching exercises while we watch movies, and the blue yoga mat moves about the house, as needed.