The Best Espresso Coffee

Delicious, espresso coffee! Would hate to live without it!

Our friend Rick recently gave us an espresso machine. Along with it, he gave also gave us a can of illy Classico Ground Espresso, Medium Roast.
He said that this was the best espresso he had found out there!

Indeed, Illy espresso is wonderfully smooth, rich, and not bitter! We can tell every time whenever we use a substitute :-/

Although we loved the illy, the price they wanted at the grocery store was just too spendy for us, so, at first. we started experimenting with various other brands, like the Italian brand Lavazza. Their coffee is not bad, especially since it’s a good price, but it does get pretty bitter if you don’t drink it right away. YMMV.

So we tried quite a few brands of espresso, ground and whole bean, But in the end, we have to agree with Rick, Illy is the smoothest espresso.

However, we have now graduated to the even cheaper six-pack illy espresso deal, which, when you do the calculations, makes the cost of illy less than Lavazza! So there you go. Never going back! 😀